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Wipe Out Your Debts To Get A Fresh Start With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a process provided for under United States federal law which allows you to obtain a “fresh start”. Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers can help.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate most kinds of unsecured debt. Some examples of unsecured debts are credit cards; medical bills; most personal loans; judgments as a result of automobile accidents; and money due as a result of a repossessed or surrendered vehicle.

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, in addition to wiping out your debt, you typically can keep all of your property. As long as your car and mortgage payments are current, and there is no significant equity in your property, you should be able to eliminate your debt and keep everything that you own. The goal of a successful Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to allow you to keep all of your belongings and wipe out the majority, if not all, of your debt.

You may also keep a credit card or two and not have your bankruptcy apply to those debts. This is called “reaffirmation” because you are reaffirming that you will pay back the debt.

Most clients keep at least one credit card and/or a debit card linked to a bank account.

A Chapter 7 can be prepared within a few days and can usually be concluded quickly and painlessly.

Do not forget to ask our office and bankruptcy attorneys about immediate actions that you can take after your bankruptcy to begin re-establishing your good credit quickly. Our attorney's office has a dedicated and experienced “credit repair” department and can assist you with all issues dealing with your credit history.

We have filed thousands of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases over the years and can answer all of your questions at any time.

Why Should You Contact Our Office To Wipe Out Your Debts and Consider Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

We have a great deal of experience and have filed thousands of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. We are friendly, knowledgeable and affordable and have easy payment plans. We genuinely care about helping you with your situation and will help you succeed every step of the way. In addition, we do not believe that the client should have to fill out long questionnaires. We do virtually all of the work for you! Just follow our simple instructions and you will be successful.

Please give us a call for a free confidential chapter 7 consultation. We would like to assist you in any way possible. You may reach us at (631)BANKRUPT or (631)549-1111.

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